CREATE offer specialist experience in the design of EFTE & Fabric Structures. The team is passionate about innovative design and possess significant specialist experience in the design of lightweight structures, and have been involved in several iconic buildings.

Toby is Director and brings over 15 years’ experience in design the both ETFE and fabric structures, from Europe. He has acted as the project coordinator and specialist designer for a number of significant aquatic and sport facilities in New Zealand, including the Main Arena for the New North Island Velodrome. He was also responsible for the design of the new feature ETFE and timber roof on the new Coastland Aquatic Centre, which is the first use of ETFE in an aquatic centre in Australasia.

Previously, as an Associate Director at a London consultants, David Dexter Associates, his main focus was providing specialist design services to leading architectural practices. This knowledge and experience of working with ETFE has meant that he has been able to develop and explore opportunities in this new cladding system.