Hawkes Bay opera House plaza redevelopment, hastings

Hastings District Council (HDC) selected CREATE as part of an open RFP process to carry out the concept design for the proposed Hawkes Bay Opera House Plaza Redevelopment in Hastings CBD. We were selected due to our ability to provide an innovative approach and previous project experience of delivery of technical iconic roof forms. HDC also valued our ability to provide a single point design response across all disciplines.

The Plaza Redevelopment seeks to create a multi-functional indoor venue that will increase the ability of HDC to attract a wider range and more frequent events. This will be a significant addition to a key piece of civic architecture in Hastings.

The redevelopment needed to resolve several functional issues relating to the existing facility, including the removal of the existing fabric roof and re-levelling of the existing stepped plaza floor to create a more flexible space.

It was highlighted early on that there was an opportunity to create a sense of presence both internally and externally through innovative exciting architecture.

As part of the Concept Phase CREATE developed four options to reflect the architectural opportunities and the budget estimate of $1.5-2.2Million. Limitations with the existing plaza structure limited the ability for use and hence the project allowance was enhanced to accommodate for this.

Following on from the Concept Stage CREATE has since been engaged to take the selected option through to Detailed Design. Budget constraints and enhanced performance objectives have led to the selected option being re-engineered to a vaulting steel frame to provide the domed roof and support the glazed façade to the street.


Client: Hastings District Council
Location: Hastings, Hawkes Bay
Role: Lead Consultant, Full Design Services
Completed: in Detailed Design Phase
Value: $2.75Million


Toby Mason (Director), Lead Designer
David Wright (Associate) & Mat Wilson (Architectural Designer), Architecture


Herman Wismeyer
Focus Project Management

Ansonica Botha
Project Manager
Hastings District Council


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