Makino Aquatic Centre, Feilding
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condition & compliance assessments to support asset management

In addition to designing new aquatic facilities the CREATE team has been commissioned to carry out a number of condition and compliance assessments on existing aquatic facilities, across New Zealand. These commissions have been for various clients such as Councils, Ministry of Education, Private Operators and various funding bodies such as Eastern & Central Community Trust (ECCT).

Aquatic centres are complex technical facilities that operate as a whole system and hence require an understanding of the interplay across all design disciplines. As a multidisciplinary design practice we have experience in all essential facets of aquatic facility design, to be able to provide an effective and robust outcome for Clients.

By their nature aquatic centres are high energy use facilities and highly corrosive environments both of which present owners and operators with risks around asset protection and operational costs. CREATE offers experience and understanding of how to achieve energy efficient outcomes through plant selection, heat recovery systems and operational practices to delivery low energy and operational cost models. Where applicable, we can provide an overview on where the energy use sits in terms of Conservation Authorities (EECA) benchmark.

CREATE are willing to work in a collaborative manner and tailor assessments to suit Client needs.

The scope of services we offer covers:

  • Compliance Assessments: Review of all aspects of compliance to the NZBC, including filtration, seismic capacity, fire, accessibility, vapour control etc and highlighting areas of non-compliance and associated risk, and outlining works to remediate and costs.
  • Condition Assessments: Review of infrastructure, plant and services and provide a prioritised scheduled maintenance plan and forecast.
  • Energy Assessments: Assessment on energy use and enhancing efficiency's and lowering operational costs.
  • Water Spaces: Strategic review of asset to increase usage and diversify user profile.

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