Botany Town Centre, Auckland
ETFE Canopy (Concept)


CREATE provides specialist design services in the field of Façade Engineering. We offer clients robust and innovative advice on how to achieve performance, buildability and deliver an aesthetic that meets their expectations. Our understanding of a wide spectrum of façades and supporting systems, allows us to provide cost effective outcomes to seemingly complex and challenging briefs.  

This experience and thinking is currently being valued by Clients across NZ and Australia, and we are happy to work collaboratively with existing design teams and contractors on projects to provide integrated solutions.

The Team has delivered numerous technical facilities and understand the importance of cladding systems and their flow on effect on user comfort and performance. The Team a mix of experience and in-house modelling to help define the necessary characteristics. They also partner with highly specialised consultants from Europe as required, to support robust innovative thinking and ensure currency with all their designs.

CREATE has experience in a wide spectrum of cladding systems, from free-form canopies for retail spaces, through to high performance facades on sports and aquatic centres. Cost effective geometry and construction is key to the project success and CREATE pride themselves on understanding façade assemblies and material constraints, and use this knowledge to directly inform outcomes from the start.  

Toby Mason (Director) leads the Facade and Lightweight Structures Team with significant experience in designing glass, tensile fabric, ETFE and timber geometric structures from both UK and NZ. Toby is passionate about performance of spaces, optimization of form and energy efficiency. Innovative approaches include the use of energy savings to off-set capital costs of premium cladding systems. Coastlands Aquatic Centre in NZ is a great example of this approach.

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