CREATE were commissioned by Gisborne District Council (GDC) to provide a high-level concept study for the proposed redevelopment of the Olympic Pool Complex. The scope was to include master-planning and supporting GDC with their public consultation process. Global Leisure Group (GLG) were commissioned as part of the CREATE team to support the public consultation process.

The key overarching aims of the Council were:

  • An upgrade of the whole facility to achieve full compliance.
  • Modernisation of the facility to enhance year-round community participation and form a successful place for local community recreation.
  • A development that reinstates the design life with minimal maintenance over the next 10 years. 

Due to the scale of the current facility, options were developed that covered a range of capital expenditure and scale of facility with a view to attract a key funding partner. Three options were developed for public consultation purposes and focused around the development of a new indoor facility that could provide an enhanced year-round attraction. 


Three high-level options were developed:

Lower Cost Option 1 – Indoor Facility 1900m2 - $13.5-14.5Million Indicative Project Cost:

  • New 25 x 21m 8 Lane Pool and New 15 x 10m Warm Water Pool.

Mid-Range Option 2 – Indoor Facility 2575m2- $18-19Million Indicative Project Cost:

  • New 25 x 17.5m 7 Lane Pool and Free Form Leisure Pool with Lazy River, Spa and Toddlers Pool and New 12.5 x 8m Warm Water Pool.

Upper Range Option 3 – Indoor Facility 2900m2 - $20-21.5Million Indicative Project Cost:

  • New 50 x 21m 8 Lane Pool, a Spa and New 12.5x 8m Warm Water Pool.

Project Details:

Client: Gisborne District Council
Location: Gisborne
Role: Lead Consultant & Full Design Services
Completed: Concept Stage
Value: $13.5-30m

Key Personnel:

Toby Mason (Director), Lead Designer & Aquatic Consultant
David Wright (Associate Architect) & Mat Wilson (Architectural Designer)

Client Representative:

Mark Joblin
Senior Project Manager
Gisborne District Council


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