Linwood-woolston Pool, christchurch

CREATE / WSP Opus were successful in winning the recent RFP and have been engaged by Christchurch City Council (CCC) to provide Master Planning and Multi-use Sports & Aquatic Facility proposed for the community of Linwood Woolston.

CREATE’s role as equal Joint Venture Partner with OPUS is around Aquatic Facility Architecture, Planning and Design, advising on the layouts and performance requirements of spaces to match community needs.

We are working with CCC and the wider team in the community consultation workshops. The purpose of the development is to evaluate the sports and recreation needs of the surrounding community and arrive at a solution that will support the health, growth and prosperity of the region.

The key drivers for this community asset are that it is seen to be appropriate, well integrated, provides value for money and delivers an enduring facility.


  • Rich cultural narratives that reflects the Woolston Linwood community.

  • Is engaging, safe, fun, public space suitable for a variety of age groups and diverse needs within the community.

  • Is a safe and efficient place of work for operational staff focusing on pool side observation, public safety and CPTED.

  • Incorporates building systems and technologies that are energy efficient, able to reduce maintenance and running costs to provide whole of life asset benefits.

  • Includes materials and detailing that ensure long term durability and weathertightness, and ultimately Is resilient.

  • Provides value for money.

  • A facility that adds value to its community and the city.

Project Details:

Client: Christchurch City Council
Location: Linwood-Woolston, Christchurch
Role: Joint Venture with WSP-Opus - Architecture/Aquatic Facility Design
Status: Feasibility & Concept Stage
Value: $21m

Key Personnel:

Bryan Greig (Director) & Toby Mason (Director), Aquatic Facility Design
David Wright (Associate Architect), Architecture


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