Coastlands Aquatic Centre, Kapiti Coast

Timber & Geometric Structures

CREATE offers significant experience in Timber Design and Geometric Structures.

The team promotes the use of timber in all its designs, whenever appropriate to a Clients brief. We are keen to explore the use of local sustainable resources, where material performance and cost of timber out-weighs other material choices. The team has a breadth of experience in timber design, for traditional types of construction, through to highly innovative building techniques and systems.

Toby is a Director and brings over 15 years’ experience in the design of innovative structures, from Europe. He has significant experience in timber design, particularly grid shells and other geometric forms that provide innovative structurally efficient designs, being tried now in New Zealand. He was also responsible for the design of the new feature timber and ETFE roof on the new Coastlands Aquatic Centre, which is the first use of ETFE in an aquatic centre in Australasia.

Bryan is a Director and responsible for the development of the new structural insulated cladding system (SIP), for the national market. The innovative and sustainable building system has gained success in America and is now just being adapted for use in New Zealand. His timber experience has been employed on a wide spectrum of aquatic centres and MOE projects.

We understand Geometric Form and have established ways to design and construct seemingly complex shapes with various materials, to meet an atheistic whilst delivering against budget. We are currently involved in providing concept solutions for a number of prominent retail spaces in both New Zealand and Australia.

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* delivered previously through Atelier One, David Dexter Associates or LHTDesign by Toby Mason